This is the age of the metrosexual man. Men who take pride in their appearance. Men who do not abhor the idea of shopping for clothes. Like women, these men do not always want to brave a mall in order to get a new pair of chinos.

They too want to kick back on the couch and indulge in some online retail therapy. Before a nifty startup named Woodies existed, this was not the carefree process that it should be.

Men were not exempt from falling prey to the horror of not getting what was advertised.

Bespoke quality without the price tag

One of the many things that make Woodie’s clothing special is that they take measurements as well as weight and height into account when preparing performance chinos and dress shirts for their customers.

These measurements include inseam, waist, sleeve and neck size. When these values are taken into account during clothing production, the result is an item of clothing that looks and feels good.

Fashion choices such as these are the ones that turn heads.

A shirt that won’t break the bank

While there are dangers included in shopping for clothes online, this service has continued to gain customers largely due to the lower prices that are available for these remote purchasers.

A company that exists online does not need to hemorrhage money for the overhead costs that plague department stores. This reduction in costs has a direct relation to the cost of the product being sold by the said company.

Woodies have taken advantage of this fact by building a business model that is direct-to-customer orientated.

Their bespoke-Esque clothing is completely affordable and does not mimic the products that one would find at the likes of Saville Row.

Chaffing does not come standard

A key worry in purchasing clothes that you have not tried on and felt yourself is that you have no clue what material was used in its production.

The picture may look fantastic but for all, you know it could feel like you are wearing a pair of pants that were made of fire ants. Woodie’s customers do not need to lose sleep over this problem.

They are guaranteed clothing that is made out of polyester and cotton two-way stretch materials. This translates to clothing that is easy on the skin as well as being resistant to wrinkling, moisture, and stains.

Throw an extra pocket in there

Men will never know the frustration of not having pockets. Stepping outside the house does not include a frantic scramble for a bag that contains everything but the kitchen sink.

Men who opt to buy from Woodies will not only have the pockets that come standard with men’s clothing. They also have the option of customizing their clothes, just in case you do need to take the kitchen sink the next time you leave the house.

This customization extends to cuffs and sleeves whereby the style of both can be chosen per dress shirt. A stylish personalized monogram can even be thrown on the sleeve if the mood strikes.