Last week the news broke when divorce papers containing all too familiar initials were filed in Anchorage, Alaska. These initials were SLP and TMP.

This may seem slightly ambiguous at first as Sarah Louise Palin and Todd Mitchell Palin may not be the only married couple with those initials but when you couple it with a matching marriage date and birth date of a minor child, the facts are undeniable.

Sarah Palin is getting a divorce and she is not the one that filed the papers.

Incompatibility of Temperament

There are many reasons that can be cited when one files for divorce. There is the big bad one which is adultery. Then you have other far more non-descript reasons such as irreconcilable differences.

When Todd Palin filed for divorce, he went with neither of these options and instead said that he and his former paramour have an incompatibility of temperaments.

He further went on to say that both of them simply cannot live together as husband and wife anymore, and that is all she wrote.

What do 31 years of marriage amount to?

It is one thing when two people get divorced after a couple of years or worse still a couple of months of marriage. But what about those that make it a couple of decades?

How are these people even able to begin to detangle their lives from one another? Todd and Sarah recently saw their 31st wedding anniversary pass them by.

During these years they had a sum total of 5 children. One of which is still a minor whose custody will apparently be shared equally between his parents.

Sarah was also able to build a sufficiently successful career in politics as the governor of Alaska from 2006 to 2009, while Todd continued his work as an oil-field worker and commercial fisherman.

Being apparent is no easy task

Incompatibility of temperament may be the official reason provided for the divorce but you cannot help but wonder what truly transpired between the couple.

Did they really just lose that loving feeling or was the stress of their children’s questionable lifestyle choices too much for the relationship to withstand.

At the top of the list of the sketchy headlines regarding the Palin, children are the sentencing of Track Palin to one year in custody for assaulting and refusing to let a female friend out of his house.

Added to this is another assault at the hands of Track Palin where the victim was Todd Palin himself.

Then there is Bristol Palin who may be best known for her appearance on MTV’s show Teen Mom as the 17-year-old mother of a newborn son.

What lies ahead for the Palin’s?

After Sarah’s failed presidential campaign back in 2008, she managed to garner success in other ventures such as writing, public speaking and even reality TV.

With this in mind, it is possible that this divorce will launch her onto yet another career path.

Not a whole lot is known about Todd on the other hand since he started avoiding the media after his wife lost the vice-presidential bid but one can guess that he too will find his own way once the divorce is finalized.